GC Weighing & Calibrations Rinstrum R300 Indicators

GC Weighing & Calibrations Rinstrum R300 Indicators

GC Weighing & Calibrations Rinstrum R300 Indicators builds on over 15 years of design. Their experience to create a series of cost-effective reliable products that are ideal for use in mobile applications. Perfect for forklifts and platforms, inside truck cabs and crane scales and OEM applications. GC Weighing & Calibrations Rinstrum R300 Indicators use a compact housing and versatile power supply options make them suitable for basic weighing through to OEM applications. They are ideal for basic weight-control or level-control functions.

Rinstrum at a glance.

Can you remember the last time you discovered a new piece of equipment? and then thought “Wow!!! that’s clever! This is exactly what I need”. This is the kind of feeling that the designers at Rinstrum aim for, for every product.

By Gaining extensive feedback through their global distribution network means they know exactly what yours and our weighing needs are.

A totally devoted team that dedicate their time and experience and their skill. Therefore convert their insight into weighing products which are truly innovative. Easy to operate, sleekly designed and globally known as world class.

What is Rinstrum’s ‘Smart Weighing’ philosophy all about?.It’s not designs for design sake but rather innovative design that delivers products which are easy to install and easy to operate.

Maintenance and Set up, diagnostics and calibrations can all be executed from the viewer software.

GC Weighing & Calibrations offer, sell and supply and we will install their instruments because,

  • first off, they are reliable.
  • second to this they are affordable.

We are honestly proud to align ourselves with a company like Rinstrum. They excel in providing quality products and always offer expert advice.

Most importantly Rinstrum is a global company who consequently pride themselves in developing and creating also sustaining long term relationships. Therefore, so do we.

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  • Flexible mounting options: desk, wall and pole mounting
  • Long life rechargeable battery options ideal for mobile installations allowing for operator flexibility.
  • rinLINK magnetically coupled link on front fascia for easy access in situ for updates/setup of the indicator, saving the installer time and effort.
  • Trade approved
  • IP65 rated housings: Dust tight and protection against projected water, increasing reliability and indicator life time.
  • Wide DC operation (7-24V) to suit a variety of onboard OEM applications. Eliminates the need for third party power supplies saving on system complexity and cost.