Do I need Verification?

GC Weighing & Calibrations Gold Coast and Queensland Scale Verification know this is crucial. Businesses must comply with Trade measurement laws. These apply to all retail and wholesale transactions where measurement determines price.

You must comply with Australia’s trade measurement laws if you:

  • Buy or sell goods or services by measurement.This includes selling meat, buying gold or transporting freight by weight.
  • Manufacture, pack, import or sell pre-packaged goods.
  • Supply or maintain measuring instruments used for trade.

Consistency and certainty in measurement supports fair and open competition. It makes all businesses, regardless of their size or financial strength, follow the same rules.

Every business benefits from following correct compliance sampling.This willbe reached by monitoring correct measurement and using appropriate measuring instruments and procedures.

GC GC Weighing & Calibrations Gold Coast and Queensland Scale Verification

What are my requirements as a business?

If you use a measuring instrument, such as a scale to sell goods. You must ensure it is.

  • Suitable for its intended purpose.
  • Indicating zero before use.
  • Level when in use.
  • Positioned for the customer to easily see the measurement process.
  • Kept clean and in good working order.
  • Approved type and verified by a servicing licensee or inspector before use.
  • Verified after each repair or metrological adjustment.
  • Used in the correct manner.

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) recommends that you ensure measuring instruments used for trade purposes are checked regularly. Firstly, routinely have these checked by trained technicians with a service license. Secondly have a quality program in place to continue monitoring your compliance. Lastly goods offered for sale by measurement must be sold by legal units of measurement. For example, kilogram, litre and metre etc.Manufacturers and packers, importers and sellers of pre-packed articles must,

  • Ensure packages are correctly labeled. National laws include requirements for measurement statements and packers identification.
  • Establish packages packed or items sold consist of the quantity stated on the label.
  • Assist trade measurement inspectors with any inquiries and provide information as requested.

If you need your equipment verified, please contact us and we can organise an appointment. Ph: 0474 30 40 50