Calibrations/ Quality Assurance

GC Weighing & Calibrations understand the importance of having Quality Assurance & Quality Control in the workplace, the importance of the work we perform and that the documentation issued from GC Weighing & Calibrations is accurate, relevant and informative. We also understand the impact of having poor quality control in the workplace, therefore we work hard to ensure the right and relevant information is recorded and reported and the pre & post-calibration results are easily identified and easily read.

Quality Assurance is very important for all of our customers. There could be serious ramifications if the quality is not met—not only in our factory or warehouse, but also when the products are used in our everyday lives. GC Weighing & Calibrations document and complete QA Reports for each piece of equipment tested, whether this is during the routine service visits, after all repairs and with every new scale sold and supplied by GC Weighing & Calibrations.