CAS DB-II Industrial weighing scale with large platform. Weighing & Basic Counting function. Additional features such as Tare, Percentage, Cumulative Weight Sum mode and weight & count preset range (HI/OK/LO). RS-232C Interface for optional label or ticket printer connection. Pivot & Tilting indicator. DB-II range comes with different base sizes depending on the capacity. Like most floor scales the DB-II is designed for rough industrial conditions such as logistics, food processing and also chemical plants.


  • Large weighing platform
  • Dual range technology
  • Functions: Weighing, Counting, Tare and Percentage function
  • Cumulative Weight Sum, Weight and Counting preset range (HI/OK/LO)
  • Tilt (90°) and swivel (360°) indicator
  • RS-232C interface ( PC and Printer connection)
  • LCD display
  • Trade Approved (30 - 150kg)