D841 Super Bright LED Alpha Numeric Display

The D841

is a super bright RED LED display that features alpha-numeric characters allowing for improved clarity in messaging. This is ideal for concrete batching plants or custom site management applications where non-weight related messages such as material names need to be displayed. The D841 supports the majority of printable ASCII characters. This displays is a part of Rinstrum’s range of large remotes that are built for industrial applications for both indoor and outdoor industrial applications.


  • D841 – >30m (100 feet) at 120 degrees viewing angle

Unit Switching**:

  • D841 allows for kg, lb, t and g units to show on display

Traffic Lights**:

The D841 traffic lights (50mm/2 inch round red and green) can be driven from discrete inputs or directly via the communications protocol. The universal inputs will accept clean contact switches or voltages 5-24V to control the traffic lights.

Decimal Point:

The decimal point will be displayed between digits as two LEDs in the D841. The decimal point does not affect number of digits displayed.

Scrolling Messaging :

The D841 can be fitted with K802 firmware for moving messages to interface with a PC or equivalent device. With a fixed format text string length of up to 150 characters it is ideal for providing instructional messages to truck drivers or equipment operators. (K802 firmware option is factory fit only).


  • Wide viewing angle
  • VAC/VDC Power Options
  • Isolated RS232/485 Serial Input or Ethernet
  • Auto detecting setup
  • Compatibility with a wide range of indicator manufacturers
  • Unit switching support *
  • Annunicators**