Rinstrum C500 Series

The C500 Series is Rinstrum’s latest panel mounted industrial process controllers, equipped with modern interfaces and increased accuracy. The C500 Series is the culmination of Rinstrum’s 20 years of weighing design experience, bringing together the best of our 5000 Series with the best of our R400 Series.
The C500 Series includes the C520 with a high contrast LED display and 6 keys and the C530 the same unit with no display. The panel mounted C520 uses a standard ½ DIN cutout and can generally be used as a direct drop-in replacement for the 5000. The C500 is ideal for truck applications through to process control.


  • 16 x 350Ω load cells
  • AC and DC versions
  • Ethernet and USB host and slave standard
  • USB Host and Slave along with Ethernet are standard - allowing for: - Keyboard, printer, mass storage and serial connections. - Connection back to a PC via USB - Units to be directly networked via Ethernet
  • Analog module with isolated outputs (option)
  • 8 set points (option)
  • A wide range of accessory modules: -Input/Output (I/O) - Analog plus I/O - Isolated RS232 and RS485