Ishida UNI-7 Superior Label / Receipt Printing Scale

This counter top scale makes the most of your store operations system, giving operators abilities beyond what most other models can.

With the UNI-7, you get:

  • A pre-installed Web browser, allowing you to download data for printing or to be emailed to a designated site.
  • A compact design with the dual label and receipt cassette positioned at the front, freeing up more counter space for more fluent transactions.
  • An expandable memory, for holding visual files such as logos, store messages, and nutrition data, to appeal to customers and show your credibility.


  • Dual range; 6kg/15kg x 2g/5g
  • Easy read 7” colour touch LCD screen
  • Unique slimline design
  • Five different languages selectable
  • Touch feedback (Dextersy) keys
  • Web browsing / e-mail functionality
  • Front loading cassette (max label size 60x150)
  • Expandable memory to 2GB
  • Links to SLP-5 software Ethernet (WiFi option)