GC Weighing & Calibrations CAS HFS Platform Scales

If weighing items for freight, bulk filling or bulk bagging and required for trade purposes then the GC Weighing & Calibrations CAS HFS platform scales will be best suited.

Just a simple turn of a screwdriver the GC Weighing & Calibrations CAS HFS platform scales will be levelled. It’s also pertinent for day to day use in fast paced working  environments.GC Weighing & Calibrations CAS HFS Platform Scales

One third lighter in physical weight than most other pallet sized platform scales due to incorporating a light weight modular steel design.

GC Weighing & Calibrations CAS HFS Platform Scale can be easily serviced and maintained by our highly trained service department.

We also recommend routine calibration intervals at least once every 12 months.

  • Levelling Legs for easy set up
  • protected cable for those who tend to be that little bit rough on equipment
  • Nickel Plated tool steel loadcells
  • Trade Approved for 1500kg or 3000kg capacities

Call our sales team for pricing and availability, we will also take care of delivery and installation.

CAS at a Glance:

While CAS is one of the market leaders in the weighing industry world wide. CAS have the largest market share in Korea with over 70%. Their strengthen in continuing to grow and improve their knowledge of other markets is why their company slogan “we weigh the world” is more that just a catchy slogan.

A distribution network that is worldwide and  CAS Australia Pty Ltd is based here in Queensland. CAS is well equipped to supply equipment for your environment and application. Product quality is high on the list for everyone, CAS is no different.

Continuely establishing new high end quality products world wide. No doubting, with their continued sales growth and their larger market share they will continue to establish a brand and a name recognised for high end quality products. While maintaining a price structure suitable and affordable for all people who require weighing equipment.


  • Rugged construction and heavy-duty
  • Load cell wire protected by flexible cable
  • Large platform: 1.2m x 1.2m
  • High quality powder coating and anti-skid surface
  • Waterproof (IP66)
  • Above ground or in-floor installation
  • Adjustable swivel feet
  • Trade Approved
  • GC Weighing & Calibrations Gold Coast