GC Weighing & Calibrations CAS CL5200 Label Scales

GC Weighing & Calibrations CAS CL5200 Label Printing Scales

GC Weighing & Calibrations CAS CL5200 Label Scales features a built-in thermal Label Printer. First off, it has an easy-to-use replacement cartridge. Secondly it has numerous speed keys for quick and easy operation. Thirdly the GC Weighing & Calibrations CAS CL5200 Label Scales is easily networked and ethernet ready. Large PLU & ingredient message memory. Barcode and Label formats with a total of 45 fixed formats & 20 free format. Complete Management functions including data management and price control. PLU programming and sales reports and label & keypad editing are all controlled by CL-Work. Because PC software is necessary for any retail business this is perfect for updating and repricing ingredients and including new products. Widely used in various retail environments such as butchery, grocery and fruit/vegetable shop and supermarkets.

CAS at a Glance:

While CAS is one of the market leaders in the weighing industry worldwide. CAS have the largest market share in Korea with over 70%. Their strengthen in continuing to grow and improve their knowledge of other markets is why their company slogan “we weigh the world” is more than just a catchy slogan.
A distribution network that is worldwide and CAS Australia Pty Ltd is based here in Queensland. CAS is well equipped to supply equipment for your environment and application. Product quality is high on the list for everyone, CAS is no different.
Continually establishing new high-end quality products worldwide. No doubting, with their continued sales growth and their larger market share they will continue to establish a brand and a name recognised for high end quality products. While maintaining a price structure suitable and affordable for all people who require weighing equipment.


  • High-speed thermal printer with easy loading printing cartridge
  • Free format label design
  • User defined Barcode Printing
  • Flexible & reliable network system
  • Ethernet Network Communication (TCP/IP)
  • Graphic LCD display
  • Up to 6,000 PLUs memory function
  • Up to 300 characters per ingredient
  • PC manager program (CL-Works)
  • RS-232C Interface
  • Dual Range