CAS RWP Wheel Pads

CAS RW-P Convenient vehicle weighing platform. This rugged cast aluminum weighing plate is light enough to accommodate portability yet large enough for any type of vehicle. The bright yellow/orange industrial paint is baked on to the aluminum alloy chassis. CAS platforms not only look tough, they’re built tough! With a variety of capacities & higher resolutions (1/2000 – 1/2500) the RW-P can be used in almost any application. Solid rubber ramps provide maximum grip and balance in even the most severe un-leveled conditions. These rubber ramps also reduce the total weight of the product. The RW-P can even accommodate for virtually any vehicle’s axle arrangement with the simple use of “Dummy Plates.” Theses are simply solid rubber spacers of different sizes that can be placed between multiple platforms. RW-2601P Indicator sold separately.


 Model Max. Capacity (kg)Readability (kg)Dimensions (mm)
 RWP-1M1,0000.5500(W) x 400(D) x 39(H)
 RWP-5M5,0002500(W) x 400(D) x 39(H)
 RWP-10L10,0005900(W) x 500(D) x 39(H)
 RWP-15L15,00010900(W) x 500(D) x 39(H)


  • Connect up to 6 pads simultaneously
  • Built-in clock and printer
  • 1 Serial port:RS-232C
  • Built-in charger and batteries
  • High speed dot matrix receipt printer
  • Connect to PC or Remote Display
  • Completely self-contained portable unit
  • Large easy-to-read LCD display with backlight