AND Metal Detectors for Food Processing

EZI-Check checkweighing and metal detection technology is suitable across industrial, scientific manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

The inspection systems are engineered to precisely weigh and accurately detect metal contaminants in packaged products while they travel along a conveyor line.

With increased emphasis on quality control and reporting being pushed by retailers, processors are faced with the pressure to improve their production lines and implement quality checks and programs. It is imperative that processors utilize reliable and accurate machinery in order to address food safety concerns.

  • Inspects for metal contamination to assure safety and compliance.
  • Variable belt speed allows for continuous and individual products
  • IP-65 compliant for dust and water resistance.
  • Automatic sensitivity setting for optimal results


Reasons for Purchasing a Metal Detector

  • Metal Detector Highlight #1Improved brand and customer protection
  • Metal Detector Highlight #4Reducing costs and order rejects
  • Metal Detector Highlight #2Compliance with food safety standards
  • Metal Detector Highlight #5Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Metal Detector Highlight #3Compliance with retailer demands


  • Protected from dust and water (IP65 Standards)
  • Hygienic design which can be operated in a wet environment and washed down after use
  • Automatic sensitivity setting function
  • Easy operation with 7 inch colour touch panel
  • Variable belt speed of 10-60m/min
  • Standard Ethernet i/o allowing easy networking via LAN
  • Inspection history function can record up to 100 inspection results
  • Maintenance and cleaning is simple with detachable conveyor belt